A Story about Dad

they said there were a lot of awesome men out there but i just know one and i called him dad

I even havent started to think what i can do if it happen on me someday when the doctor said 'your dad was passed away. Oh i was never imagine what it would be but the fact is: it ought to be happened. yeah the first thing i did after heard it was just getting myself infront of the mirror then thought 'i just a little girl, i cant god, i cant, i need him'
yeah i'm just a little girl dont ask the age of mine because the fact said i'm 15 but cmon have a look on me, i'm just a 15-years-old little girl (more little than others yeah), and because he realized it, so the dad accompany me every single day to go school and go everywhere i need. then that day -2 days before the holy Ramadhan- was just my usual weekend, i went to shop(s) with him and ofcourse my beloved mother, he did everything as usual yeah the usual him is having jokes and making me laugh every moment, and nothing special happened that last day, the one i remember is just what he said on my mother and i, "i'll never accompany you to go shopping anymore during the Ramadhan, deal?" all i did after heard it was just laughing at it. then next day was starting so usual, yeah the clock showed that the day was 7.30 in the morning and i was still sleeping tight in my beloved bed when my dad shouted at me to wake me up, I suddenly woke but not long after that I continued my short-time-sleep lol and the next shouter –it was on 7.45- was my mom and she said ‘oh come on wake up! See your dad, he seems like having a serious headache’ then what I did was still have a relax on my bed then that unexpected thing happened so fast and I couldn’t imagine, it’s just out of my mind………………………………
My mom, my granny, shouted loudly called the name of God, I suddenly get up from my bed, ran fast downstairs and I found my dad unconscious, everyone in my home was panic, I just didn’t know what I had to do, then I cried just like a baby oh what a weak, they brought my dad to the hospital and the doctor said my dad had a serious oh emm really serious ill so they need to take him to the ICU room and it just been 3 weeks for my dad against his ill and I know it was a hard progress for him, I know he did as hard as he could.
then here the fact, then I know that it have to be the best decision from God, I try to accept it while it’s too hard. a teacher of mine said, "its just a matter of time, sooner or later". Then start from that day, I change my mind suddenly, my type of man need to be someone like my dad, a smart and well-informed, responsible, unashamed (yeah he bought me a really big teddy bear on my 15th birthday and I cant imagine how he bought it in a girly doll store), funny, and loooooooooooooveable man like him, is there one? Call me if there was one lol